Save Standard Time is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, donor-funded, volunteer-run effort to preserve and extend the observation of longitudinally correct Standard Time.


Save Standard Time works to raise public awareness, inform journalists, and persuade lawmakers to recognize the overwhelming body of evidence that supports the maintaining of Standard Time in winter and the ending of clock change with permanent Standard Time.

Standard Time is defined from the sun. It balances morning and evening daylight, which makes sleeping and waking easier. It provides the greatest benefit to health, immunity, mood, alertness, safety, learning, productivity, environment, and civil liberty.

Arizona and Hawaii have observed permanent Standard Time for half a century. It’s pre-approved by federal law (per the United States’ Uniform Time Act of 1966), which makes it the quickest end to clock change.

We consult with scientists, doctors, teachers, and community leaders, and we operate wholly on volunteered time and donated funds (primarily from our founder). Permanent Daylight Saving Time (DST), on the other hand, is backed by wealthy lobbyists for retail, golf, oil, and convenience food, who profit from sleep deprivation and illusory evening daylight.


Photograph of Jay Pea, Founder
Jay Pea: Software Engineer, Amateur Astronomer, & Founder of Save Standard Time

Save Standard Time was founded by Jay Pea (Linked­In), a res­i­dent of San Fran­cis­co who hails from rural I­o­wa. Jay is a software en­gi­neer, a member of the San Francisco Am­a­teur As­tron­o­mers’ board of di­rec­tors, and an enthusiast for circadian health. As a child, his great-grandfather (a farm­er) taught him to tell time from the sun. Jay has personally observed permanent Standard Time since the age of ten.

In 2019, Jay saw permanent-DST legislation rush forward without consultation of health and safety experts, with minimal analysis from mainstream media, and with DST proponents misconstruing evidence. Jay gathered resources, contacted experts, and took grassroots action.

In 2021, Keith Eichner (LinkedIn) and Diane Shackelford (LinkedIn) joined Save Standard Time’s board of directors, and incorporation as a registered 501c4 nonprofit began. Keith is a certified weather observer in New York State, who brings a history of broadcast meteorology and a firm grasp of Standard Time’s connection to Earth’s longitudinal meridians. Diane is a certified public accountant in Georgia, who knows from experience as a mother and grandmother the benefit that Standard Time’s morning daylight provides children’s health, safety, and education.


Save Standard Time seeks to expand advocacy efforts for healthier and safer Standard Time, to replace bills for permanent DST with bills for permanent Standard Time, and to restore permanent Standard Time across North America.

Save Standard Time recognizes that some who support Standard Time in winter might also enjoy DST in summer. While such preference is very much appreciated, it is not supported by data as best for public health, and the overwhelming public opinion is to eliminate clock changes. For the good of the public well-being, we must ensure the clock we keep is permanent Standard Time.

Formal incorporation as a registered nonprofit is currently underway, with updates to be announced very soon. If you have suggestions for (or would like to volunteer as) a board member, please email info@savestandardtime.com. For those interested in financial contribution, donations can be placed online.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Standard Time! We wish you bright, healthy days and dark, restful nights.

Media Appearances

Barcelona Time Use InitiativeTime Use Week: The European Dilemma on Switching to Permanent Standard TimeYouTube

Time Use Week 2020 is intended as a meeting space for multi-disciplinary debate, where experts in research, organisations, business, and institutions can construct a global discourse on time policies which bring greater citizen well-being… It will have the participation of Tícia Luengo, co-founder of the International Alliance for Natural Time, Jay Pea, founder of the Save Standard Time association (USA), Javier Albares, medical manager of the sleep unity by the Teknon Clinic, and the chronobiologist Maria de los Ángeles Rol de Lama.

Biertempfel, MaddieEfforts to Keep Daylight Saving Time Permanent on State and National ScaleKX News

However, Save Standard Time Founder Jay Pea says daylight saving time has detrimental health effects, and keeping standard time permanent is the way to go. “That’s when we see the jump in heart attacks, stroke, traffic accidents, workplace accidents. But also leaving the clock on the wrong time leads to chronic sleep deprivation. It’s estimated we sleep 19 minutes less every night we’re on daylight saving time,” Pea said. Pea says economic interests are driving the push for daylight saving year-round, since that extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day leads to more spending. “The people promoting permanent DST are the chambers of commerce and golf industry, and the people promoting standard time are the national safety council, national PTA, every group that cares about your health and well being is asking for standard time,” Pea said.

Bishop, GregIllinois Lawmakers Evaluating Permanent Standard Time, Daylight Saving Time, or No ChangeThe Center Square

Jay Pea, a researcher with the group Save Standard Time, wants to stick with just Standard Time. Pea opposed making Daylight Saving Time year-round, saying there are negative impacts. “It reduces sleep, reduces immunity, reduces alertness, school grades, productivity,” Pea said. “It increases illness and accidents.”

Bishop, GregJay Pea with Save Standard Time on the WMAY NewsfeedWMAY News

Save Standard Time’s Jay Pea joins Bishop on Air on WMAY News to talk about why he likes Standard Time better than Daylight Saving Time and what could happen in Illinois.

Carpenter, TimClock Is Ticking: Ditch the Switch for Year-Round Standard or Daylight Saving Time?Kansas Reflector

Jay Pea, with the nonprofit organization Save Standard Time in San Francisco, said the resolution offered by Francis was a mistake. Congress needs to act, he said, but the country should lock in standard time rather than daylight saving time. The only states not observing daylight saving time are Arizona and Hawaii, and those state legislatures took the plunge in the 1960s. “Permanent standard time can instead improve the health, safety, education and economy of the general public with better sleep and preservation of morning sunlight,” he said. “Scores of organizations representing thousands of scientists/doctors and millions of teachers/parents oppose permanent DST and endorse permanent standard time.” He said polling indicated the public was weary of all the time switches and surveys revealed a slight preference for selection of standard time.

Cytowic, RichardHow Should We Fix the Daylight Savings Disruption?Psychology Today

Jay Pea, founder of Save Standard Time, wants to correct Senator Rubio and company. “Permanent Standard Time is best for health, safety, kids, and workers,” he says.

Darling, TomBill for Permanent Daylight Saving Time Clears State House CommitteeWLNS

The Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine is opposed to the change, and the group Save Standard Time testified for the committee in opposition to the bill.

Gessler, PaulBills Aim to Make Daylight Saving Time PermanentWJZ CBS Baltimore

Permanent Standard Time keeps your sunrises before 8am. It saves your morning daylight, which doctors tell us is most necessary for our health, mood, safety, learning, and productivity.

Griwkowsky, CatherineAdvocates Call on Province to Consider Permanent Standard TimePolitics Today

Jay Pea, founder and president of the Save Standard Time organization, said there has been a “lemming” effect as North American jurisdictions have followed one another in shifting to permanent DST. Pea grew up in rural Iowa…

PDFHammill, RoxieChanging Clocks Is Bad for Your Health, but Which Time to Choose?NBC News

Jay Pea, a freelance software engineer in San Francisco, was unhappy enough about California’s proposed permanent Daylight Time that he started the Save Standard Time website to promote the health arguments for keeping it permanent. He said he doesn’t think the scientific community is being heard. “Essentially it’s like science denial,” he said. “It’s bizarre to me that politicians are not hearing the experts on this.” Pea understands the human need to have the sun directly overhead at noon. “It’s a wonderful connection to natural reality that unfortunately is lost on many people,” he said. Daylight Saving Time “distances us from the natural world.” At the very least, lawmakers ought to consider history, he said. Daylight Saving Time was originally a plan to save energy during the two world wars but wasn’t popular enough to be uniformly embraced after the conflicts were over. In 1974, the federal government decided to make it temporarily year-round as a way to deal with the energy crisis (although energy savings were later found to be underwhelming). Its popularity fell off a cliff after the first winter, when people discovered the sun didn’t rise until 8am or later and parents worried for the safety of kids waiting in the dark for school buses.

Haney, DonSenate Committee Recommends Bill to Keep North Dakota on Daylight Saving Time Year-RoundKFGO

During a hearing before the Senate Political Subdivisions Committee, a representative of the group “Save Standard Time” urged the Committee to amend HB 1371, so that North Dakota would stay on standard time year-round. Jay Pea of San Francisco said there’s a reason many states don’t observe daylight savings time in the winter. “This bill would delay North Dakota sunrise until past 8 am DST for up to five months,” Pea said. “Most school and work days begin at 8 am, so for nearly half the year, this bill would force hundreds of thousands to start school or work in the dark.” Pea said many may not see sunlight until lunch, or at the end of the day. That’s depressing and dangerous,” Pea said.

Huddleston, DaveSpring Forward and Never Fall Back? Here’s What Permanent Daylight Saving Time Could Look Like in GeorgiaWSB-TV

Not everyone is excited about the prospect of switching to daylight saving time year-round. An opposing bill suggests dropping daylight saving time entirely in favor of year-round standard time. Diane Shackelford is in the group Save Standard Time, which is pushing to drop the time change, but wants the opposite of what the current bill proposes. Shackelford said it was really hard changing the clock when her kids were in school. “I had to stand out at the bus stop in the dark nearly 20 years,” Shackelford said. “We have trouble going to sleep at night because it’s light later. We also have trouble waking up because it is dark.”

Kincaid & DallasConversation with Jay Pea of Save Standard TimeNew Country 101.FIVE

Jay, you’re on a quest to save Standard Time, and you seem as bothered about this as we are. What’s the quest…?

Koltnow, BoPa. Lawmaker Wants to Make Daylight Saving Time Year-RoundWFMZ-TV

“States can opt out of daylight-saving time anytime they want,” said Jay Pea, who founded the non profit “Save Standard Time.” He argues standard time, the natural time, is better for the economy, safer for school children, and healthier for everyone. “Works most well with our circadian rhythms, helps us fall asleep at night, wake in the morning, keeps us active and alert and feeling healthy,” he said.

Landrigan, KevinNH Lawmakers Debate Time Change BillNew Hampshire Union Leader

Jay Pea manages a competing website called Save Standard Time. “Permanent Daylight Saving Time would be forcing people to wake up an hour earlier than they are accustomed to,” Pea said. “There is not enough daylight to shift around in the morning. All the sleep academy experts oppose this.” During the 1970s energy crisis, a two-year program to go to Daylight Saving Time nationwide was canceled after a few months, Pea said.

PDFLonghi & LiEurope Is on Their Way of Scrapping Seasonal Time ChangeDanish School of Media & Journalism

Jay Pea, the founder of Save Standard Time, leads a campaign in raising the awareness of the general public of the importance of having permanent standard time also called winter time. He thinks that permanent winter time has far more advantages over permanent summer time. “Data and history show permanent Standard Time is the best clock for public health, public safety, scholastic potential, workplace productivity, individual wages, energy usage, environmental preservation, and religious freedom.” With circadian-health experts’ and children advocates’ scientific evidence on health, he suggested that seasonal time change causes acute harms while permanent summer time causes chronic harms. Regarding public health, shifting the clock an hour forward poses lethal threats to human health. On the Mondays after changing to DST, not only does it decrease productivity due to the night being shortened by an hour, it is also recorded with more stroke and heart attack incidents. Even the shift to summer is permanent, harms can still be observed upon sleep quality disruption. Through moving the social clock forward by an hour, it disrupts the biological clock which is tuned to the sunrise and sunset time, thus leading to worse sleeping quality. Research shows that it also resulted in an average loss of 19 minutes of sleep per night. “Permanent Standard Time provides the most benefit to individuals and society.” Pea believed that permanent winter time is the correct move to make, as most countries worldwide are adopting it.

Mercer, MarshaWhat Time Do You Want It to Be?Richmond Times–Dispatch

Save Standard Time, a nonpartisan group, agrees we should stop changing our clocks twice a year but argues we go with permanent standard time. It blames “corporate lobbyists for special interests like Big Oil, Big Golf and Big Candy” for wanting to extend daylight time “and make its false clock permanent.” Several organizations representing educators and sleep researchers, as well as religious and medical groups, have endorsed permanent standard time.

Olmstead, MollyWhy a Standard Time Activist Thinks Losing an Hour Is Actually a Big DealSlate

But according to Jay Pea, the founder of a nonprofit advocacy organization called Save Standard Time, those grumblings about lost sleep aren’t petty, and that joy over 6 p.m. sunshine is misplaced. Pea, a software engineer and amateur astronomer, argues that the periodic efforts to embrace a permanent daylight saving time are misguided and ignore the more serious issues at hand. Slate spoke with Pea to understand why he and other standard time advocates think we’re wrong to think of daylight saving time as the antidote to winter blues…

Osterlund, MitchellNew Resolution Urges Congress to Extend Daylight Saving Time NationwideThe University Daily Kansan

Although no one opposed ending the switch, support for this resolution wasn’t unanimous. Jay Pea, founder of Save Standard Time, wants to amend the resolution to make standard time the official time. Pea warned that year-round daylight saving time was adopted in the United States during both World Wars. The policy was repealed as soon as the wars ended. Pea also said that adopting daylight saving time during the winter months would lead to a 9 a.m. sunrise. For more than a third of the year, people would be starting school and work in darkness. Pea said adopting permanent daylight saving time would be very dangerous. “Permanent daylight saving time reduces sleep, it reduces immunity, it increases sickness and it increases accidents,” Pea said. “It is not just the clock change that harms. Clocks are not arbitrary. When we do things matters.”

Pawlowski, AgnesShould Daylight Saving Time Be Made Permanent? Why Health Experts Say NoToday

When most of the country springs forward to daylight saving time this Sunday, Jay Pea won’t be changing his clock. He has personally observed permanent standard time as a “modest act of civil disobedience” for 30 years…

Pea, JayPermanent Daylight Saving Time Is Snake Oil. Standard Time Forever!South Florida Sun Sentinel

Alarms struck hard the third week of March, as millions of working and school-attending Americans suddenly were forced to wake themselves an hour early, many in darkness. We felt tired, slowed, pained, irritated and impaired. We yearned for our weekend sleep-in, a meager respite before repeating this too-early activity on Monday and onward. We suffer this agony each March. We endure this sunshine extremism through October, before our return to Standard Time in November lets us again sleep an extra hour every morning through the winter…

Ramseth, LukeShould Mississippi Spring Forward and Never Again Fall Back?Daily Journal

Not everyone is convinced. One nonprofit has a name, Save Standard Time, that plainly reveals its position. The group points out a shift to permanent standard time—unlike daylight saving time—doesn’t require congressional review and has been “happily observed” for years in Arizona, Hawaii and all the U.S. territories. “Clocks are not arbitrary,” the organization argues on its website. “Standard Time is an objective approximation of solar time, which is biologically entrained in our every living cell.”

Robertson, GaryN.C. Lawmakers Discuss Making Daylight Savings Time PermanentWilkes Journal–Patriot

But a permanent shift would mean more children are getting ready for school and adults going to work in the dark. That was mentioned by Save Standard Time, a California-based nonprofit opposing the bill. The group wrote committee members that it would be better that North Carolina support making standard time permanent, saying it would preserve morning sunlight and improve sleep habits.

Russo, ElyseGroup of Bipartisan Senators Reintroduces Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time PermanentNewsNation

Some opponents of making daylight saving time permanent suggest making standard time permanent instead. Save Standard Time is a “nonprofit, nonpartisan, donor-funded, volunteer effort to preserve and extend the observation of geographically appropriate Standard Time.” According to the group’s website, permanent standard time makes sleeping and waking easier, and provides “the greatest benefit” to health, immunity, safety, environment and civil liberty.

Schneider, LoganAAN 2021 Study Preview: The Exciting World of SleepOp-Med

While there is a trove of science supporting the physiologic basis for year-round standard time (nicely compiled on Jay Pea’s Save Standard Time advocacy website), the number of ways in which our clocks affect our lives has raised controversy about the best way to get us all on schedule. This is an exciting time for our field, and medicine in general, to make a change that can result in a significant positive impact in the lives of countless individuals, like the American Medical Association’s efforts to prohibit smoking on airplanes.

PDFShankar, NishaKhanna on CampusThe Santa Clara

One of the audience members was Jay Pea, who created the Save Standard Time website in order to promote health arguments for restoring permanent Standard Time. The Sunshine Protection Act is a bill that would put permanent Daylight Saving Time into effect. Pea asked Congressman Khanna about the act and if he would support the Sunshine Protection Act of which Khanna is currently a sponsor or if he would oppose it and consider a new bill for permanent Standard Time. “I was very pleased to hear him say that he is interested in science,” Pea said.

Sherman, DylanNorth Dakota Moves Closer to Adopting Daylight Saving Time Year RoundWilliston Herald

Jay Pea, founder of Save Standard Time, testified to the Senate Political Subdivisions Committee against the bill. “For nearly half the year, from early October to mid-March, this bill would force hundreds of thousands to start school or work in the dark,” he said. Pea said permanent daylight saving time can never make the winter like the summer, and believes permanent standard time would be better. “(It) keeps most sunrises before 8 o’clock, saves morning daylight, which doctors tell us is most necessary for mood, health, safety and productivity,” he said.

Sigafoos, StephaniePennsylvania Lawmakers—and Many Others—Are Still Fighting over Daylight Saving TimeThe Morning Call

Some people want the opposite of what the bills propose and suggest dropping daylight saving time entirely in favor of year-round standard time. The group Save Standard Time promotes itself as a “nonprofit, nonpartisan, donor-funded, volunteer-run effort to preserve and extend the observation of geographically appropriate standard time.” It says a permanent standard time provides the most benefit to health, safety, schoolchildren, the economy, the environment and liberty.

PDFSleep Better StaffCalifornia Group Fights to Save Standard TimeSleep Better

Save Standard Time says moving to permanent Daylight Saving Time would be disastrous. On their website the group lists 10 concerns with the proposals. Save Standard Time’s first preference is to restore full-year Standard Time (eliminating DST), and failing that, to keep things the way they are. Among its concerns are: Keeping Daylight Saving Time would mean that during 19 weeks in the winter, the sun wouldn’t rise until after 8am, meaning adults driving to work and children waiting at bus stops would be doing so in the dark. In addition to increased traffic accidents, waking before sunrise increases risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and depression. Year-round Daylight Saving Time is actually forbidden by federal law. As a result, sticking with DST would require the US Congress to approve. Keeping Standard Time would not. Keeping Daylight Saving Time (and thus shifting the hottest part of the day by one hour) results in increased need for electricity because of higher air conditioning use.

Sleep Junkies StaffBig Golf, Science and the Battle for Standard TimeSleep Junkies

Featuring multiple guests, archive material, original music and plenty of intrigue, follow the labyrinthine narrative of Daylight Saving Time, the new science of chronobiology, and the clandestine monied interests pushing to extend daylight hours into the evening. Guests in order of appearance: Barry Mitzman, Kimberly Honn PhD, Jay Pea…

SzalinskiIllinois Lawmakers Take Up Daylight Savings Time DebateThe State Journal–Register

“We don’t do DST in the winter because it makes the sunrise too late,” said Jay Pea, founder of Save Standard Time. Pea says health experts believe standard time is best for people’s health and special interest economic groups are driving the push for daylight saving time to increase consumer spending. “Circadian biologists are finding it’s easier to change time zones when we travel because you get the cues from the sunlight in your new location. But when you’re pretending to be in a new time zone under daylight saving time, you’re not getting those sun cues so it’s much harder to adapt. Some say that it’s even impossible,” Pea said.

Thompson, DaveShould ND Go to Daylight Savings Time Year-Round?Prairie Public News

During a hearing before the Senate Political Subdivisions Committee, a representative of the group “Save Standard Time” urged the Committee to amend HB 1371, so that North Dakota would stay on standard time year-round. Jay Pea of San Francisco said there’s a reason we don’t observe daylight savings time in the winter. “This bill would delay North Dakota sunrise until past 8 am DST for up to five months,” Pea said. “Most school and workdays begin at 8 am, so for nearly half the year, this bill would force hundreds of thousands to start school or work in the dark.” Pea said many may not see sunlight until lunch, or at the end of the day. “That’s depressing and dangerous,” Pea said.

WJZ TV – CBS BaltimoreBills Aim to Make Daylight Saving Time PermanentYahoo! News

“Permanent Standard Time keeps your sunrises before 8am. It saves your morning daylight, which doctors tell us is most necessary for our health, mood, safety, learning, and productivity.”

WorldTimeServer.com StaffIllinois Lawmakers Evaluate Daylight Saving Time BillWorldTimeServer.com

Contrary to what others believe, Jay Pea, a researcher with the group Save Standard Time, wanted to stick with the Standard Time because making Daylight Saving Time permanent would result to negative impacts. “It reduces sleep, reduces immunity, reduces alertness, school grades, productivity,” Pea stated. “It increases illness and accidents,” he added.

Xu, YishanSaving Standard Time: Why It Is Better to Keep Time Natural – With Jay PeaDeep into Sleep

In this week’s episode, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to interview Jay Pea. He is the founder of a non-profit organization Save Standard Time that aims to promote and support natural time. Jay will share with us the cons of daylight saving when it comes to our health and safety. He will tell us why it is always best to keep and use natural time…